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Position Summary: This individual is responsible for supporting Client Server Installations of Chromatography Data Systems (CDS) and other related Lab Solutions products applicable to Client Server installations within an assigned geographical region. This includes but is not limited to, conducting demonstrations, installations, and troubleshooting of the assigned software and hardware products. This role will support regional employees and customers regarding client server installations controlling third party hardware. This position is expected to be the regions network design specialist focused on implementation of the Client Server platforms and relevant computer hardware. This role will perform other related tasks from time to time as assigned. Significant travel and direct contact with accounts / industry market segments is required. This position’s primary focus is to be the regional expert for Client Server installations of data processing software; which includes strong knowledge of various operating systems and network design. Must be able to bridge the gap between network traffic analysis and analytical CDS systems in particular.

Job Function(s): a) To act as the company’s expert on design, implementation, and support of Informatics products including networking and computer hardware. b) To develop demonstration and presentations strategies for the data processing products, in order to support an increase in Informatics Products growth. c) Discuss product features and answer expert level questions. d) Successfully promote the data processing product lines regionally, through clear verbal and written communication. e) Create documentation / materials to support sales with market segment positioning strategies. f) To continually assess the competitive environment, in order to provide management with feedback that will enable us to stay competitive. g) To suggest recommendations regarding software and hardware solutions that meet market / customer needs. h) To cooperate with Service, Sales and Technical Support to effectively train co-workers on the operation of new software products via both E-Learning and hands on. i) To perform application work to effectively position the data processing products.

Knowledge Requirements: Phone/Customer Etiquette Analytical Instrumentation Market/Competitive Knowledge Analytical Inst. Software Analytical Applications/Methods Computer Hardware Computer Software Networking Communication Skills Operating Systems Databases (Oracle, SQL) Organizational Skills Computer Programming Education and/or Experience: The specialist must be proficient at operating independently and with a team environment. Strong software, hardware and networking skills are required.

Ideal technical specialist will have strong communication and presentation skills. The specialist must have a Bachelor’s degree in either Science or Computer Science with at least 5 years of related work experience and a history of good organizational, communication and follow up skills. This position requires the ability to troubleshoot and solve complex software, hardware, and networking problems in a methodical, efficient manner.

What do they need to understand to perform job functionally?
The following skills are what I would consider as a requirement for this position:
• Basic Microsoft windows networking skills including
o Subnet mask settings
o IPAddress settings
o DNS settings
o DHCP Settings
• Administration of Windows Operating Systems
o Windows 2012 R2
o Windows 7
o Windows 10
• Hardware Connection Types
o Serial\RS-232
o Fire Wire (Not required any more but a bonus if they know it)
o SCSI (Not required any more but a bonus if they know it)

• Basic (not thorough) understanding of Scientific Instrumentation. Mostly how why it is needed and what it is used for. Does not have to know how a particular instrument works.
o GC
o UV
o IR
• 21 CFR Part 11 Familiarity. Does not need to be an expert in it but it would be very helpful if they know a bit about it.
• Instrument & Software IQOQ protocols. Again they don’t need to be an expert in this but knowing what they are and how they work would be very helpful.

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