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I’m looking for a job - can Princeton Staffing help me?
Yes. We place people in three ways: direct placement, contract-to-hire and contract positions.
I have never used a recruiting service before; how do I get started?
Most job seekers submit their resume by joining our online portal and searching for jobs on our website. You can sign up to receive notifications of opportunities that meet your interests. To learn more about this process, create an account and upload your current resume.
Why should I use Princeton Staffing to find my next position instead of responding to job postings and advertisements?
One difference is that we submit your resume for positions not advertised to the general public. Our staff personally place your resume in the hiring manager’s hands to ensure your resume receives the attention it deserves. And unlike some others, our service is a free career resource. We want to connect you with your next career opportunity.
In what types of jobs does Princeton Staffing specialize in?

We connect our clients with professionals professionals in Speech, Physical, and Occupational Therapy along with BCBA’s and School Psychologists. 

What kind of background or skills do I need in order to work with Princeton Staffing?

Princeton Staffing Solutions is pleased to work with job seekers holding various skills, accomplishments, and skill levels. From entry level to exereinced therapists, we can help you find the perfect career opportunity.

What companies or types of companies does Princeton Staffing work with?

We work with school districts, hospitals, outpatient facilities, skilled nursing facilities, and home health companies. 

What is the process once I submit my resume to Princeton Staffing?
Once you register your information with Princeton Staffing, we will contact you for a quick interview and ask questions regarding your professional history, skills, and work preferences. The more we know about you, the better we can match you to your perfect employment position. Once interviews are completed, you can expect an us to contact you when positions suiting your area of expertise become available. This is just the first step in establishing a long-term interactive relationship with you. It is our interest and our business to connect talented people like you with the right opportunity.
When can I expect to find a new position?

We cannot offer any kind of timetable, as there are many variables outside our control. Your placement depends on what our customers are seeking. 

Can Princeton Staffing help me find a new position whether I’m looking across the country or in my own city?
Yes. We work with client companies located throughout the United States. We will discuss your preferences in our initial interview and enter that information into our search criteria.
Are there any tips on being a contract employee?
Keeping your skills up to date and maintaining a good professional track record will always keep you favorable in any potential employer’s mind.
Does it cost me anything to work with Princeton Staffing?
No. There are never any fees for you, the job seeker. Only opportunities with some of the most exciting companies in the country!
How long are therapy contracts?

A typical travel therapy assignment is 8 weeks for medical settings and an entire school year for school based contracts.

How is my contract determined?

Assuming you have met all the prerequisites for employment, your recruiter will evaluate your employment preferences, career goals and desired locations in order to find the ideal contract opportunity. Once we have determined that a particular job is right for you, your recruiter will set up a phone interview between you and the designated contact at the facility or school.

How will you prepare me for my contract?

Once you have accepted your travel therapy assignment, your recruiter will confirm your start date, salary and any other details about the position.

When and how will I be paid while on contract?

We offer weekly direct deposit to all of our contract therapists.

What happens when my contract is complete?

If the facility/school offers to extend your travel therapy contract, you can elect to sign a new contract and remain there for another contracted period of time. If you (or the facility/school) do not wish to extend your current contract, your recruiter will work with you to find a new opportunity.

If I am not interested to travel away from my home, do you offer local contracts?

YES! We offer exceptional compensation packages in cities across the US, whether they are close to your home or not. We look forward to identifying the right opportunity for you, 5 or 500 miles from home!